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Okay..... I'm going to be straight to the point, I don't have a fancy or hi-tech website for myself, instead I prefer to spend more time on my clients. As you see below.... all are pretty self-explanatory.

Vision: "Achieve customer satisfaction through the creation of better flow of information between website owners and their audiences by providing a creative web layout and design together with the ease in finding information within the website."

parts of meWeb layout: "The creation of page layout that enables audience to find information easily and quickly; the creation of an interesting page containing relevant information supported by creative elements that relates to the theme or purpose of the website."

A good page layout: "One that attracts the targeted audience, provides information easily and quickly, and is able to generate more interest towards the whole scope of the website."

Website portfolio

- New Orleans-based Women's Boutique (Apparel & Accessories)

- Producer, Mixer, and Music Engineer based in New Orleans

- Small and independent record label based in New York

- Copper and gold mining company based in New Orleans

- Small arms and police supply store out of Chalmette, LA

- Indonesian Students Association in New Orleans

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